Monday 16 February 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Part 7

After Fang was fed, Reven and Borengar mounted their beasts of burden and headed to River Rise's west gate. They pushed their way through the crowds that swarmed around the huge market place that dominated the centre of the town. The city was so big it stretched on for as far as their eyes could see. They crossed one of the many bridges over the river that flowed through the town. The water from the river gushed from under ground in the north of the city and the fountain like spray gave the town it's name; River Rise. The site of the spring was considered holy and many people journeyed from all over Atla to bathe in the fresh waters that spewed forth from the land. The coming together of so many pious people from a multitude of races gave the town varying architecture. Many of the settlers grouped themselves together in quarters and much of the town was divided up by the various races; Orcs, Elves, the angel like Avia, Dwarves and Humans coexisted here in the shadow of the goddess Elria's Spring. 

The West Gate was heaving with travellers. Self declared holy men were selling small bottles of river water to first time visitors and vendors were selling food and drink to the weary travellers. Reven and Borengar moved away from the crowds so that they could hide Fang's bulk behind a wagon. They had a decent view of all the parties that were travelling in and out of the gates and settled down to await Krassner's departure.

They didn't have to wait long before they saw the bright orange of his flowing robes. Krassner strutted out with a self assured gait that brooked respect. Well his walk and the twenty of so guards that surrounded him. They were all leading horses out and mounted up as soon as they were clear of the crowds. Krassner's own mount was handed to him by a young boy who's cheek he touched affectionately before taking the reins from his hands and  pushing what Reven assumed was money into the boy's hand. Borengar screwed his face up and snorted in disgust, "We can't take the boy-lover with all those guards around" he said waving a hand in the general direction of Krassner's bodyguards. "You're right, it's too public here anyway." Reven responded, "We'll follow him and see if we can get to him at night. I wonder what he fears? Borengar cocked his head, "What he fears?" he echoed, "Not much with that many men." "but why have so many men? He must be expecting trouble on the road." Reven said before clapping Borengar on the back, "and we wouldn't want to disappoint our old employer now would we my friend." They laughed and decided that Borengar on Sable would be less conspicuous than Reven riding atop Fang. 

Borengar set off and Reven waited ten minutes before following his friend. As he sat on Fang it occurred to him that even though Krassner had a lot of men with him he didn't seem to have any provisions which made him think the trip may not be a long one. Just as he was angling Fang toward the road his attention was drawn to the gate where there was a commotion. Another party with a large set of guards were in a heated debate with the sentries that watched the entrance to the city. Reven thought he recognised the female voice that was raised in anger. He nudged Fang over to the group and used his height advantage to see what was happening. Recognition flashed across his face as he found the owner of that voice. It was the same woman he wrestled with in the library; the rightful owner of Krassner's book. He didn't hang around to get spotted and trotted away from the milling crowd. Things were getting interesting. Reven couldn't wait to get his hands on Krassner and find out what he had discovered in the tome that made it valuable enough for this beauty to traipse half way across Orland to recover it. He smiled to himself. All would be revealed soon enough.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Part 6

The room smelt musty, like recycled breath and stale beer. Hardly surprising considering the amount of beer Borengar and Reven had drunk the night before. They had arrived in River Rise just after sunset and had decided to take a much needed rest. A rest that involved many pints and merriment in the first tavern they had come across that could house Fang's bulk. Upon arriving they had slipped the guards a little gold and had found that a man wearing ridiculously bright orange robes had arrived earlier the same day with a large entourage of hired swords. Krassner had no reason to be inconspicuous but the guards had mentioned Reven and Borengar were not the first to have asked after the man. It occurred to Reven that this other interested party could be the people from Sellport that had been enquiring at Krassner's house. Today he, Borengar and Fang would be heading to the cities west gate to see if they could spy Krassner and his minions as they departed the city. River Rise was one of the largest cities in Orland and asking around the city for one man would take too long.

Reven kicked Borengar's bedroll to wake him and made his way out of the tiny room they had rented. Down in the common room the smell of fresh sausage and bread assailed his nostrils and made his stomach rumble. He took a seat by the window and ordered food and Fang's meat from one of the serving girls. He sat staring out of the window watching the world go by whilst waiting for his dwarf companion to join him. Sausage, bacon and toast were brought to the table by a pretty, freckle faced girl who Reven barely acknowledged he was so lost in his reverie. 

He wanted more than this. Since being made to leave the Order of the Black Veil several years before he had wandered from place to place picking up work were he could. Seeking people he could learn from in attempt to continue to improve on the basics he had been taught at The Deep and by Mistress Sanya. He had been obsessed for a while with the tales of the Everguard and had read books and manuscripts wherever he had came across them to further his knowledge of them. He wanted to be known throughout all the lands as they were; feared and revered in the same manner they were. These warriors of old that combined sword and sorcery to overcome the the worst foes the world could throw at them gave life to Reven's desire for power and renown. His thoughts drifted back to the battle at Einder's Keep and the power that infused his broken body. He wanted to tap into that power and wield it as he did his sword.  He knew he was different from other men. His bond with Fang had sharpened his senses and given him strength and speed beyond that of any normal man. The terrible fury that the war hound unleashed in battle coursed through hie veins also. He felt he was destined for greatness but needed more than physical prowess. He resolved himself to continue his search for teachers once his adventure with Borengar had drawn to a close. His mind snapped back to the job at hand as he heard the dwarf stomp down the stairs. Krassner must be found and pay his debt to Reven and Borengar in blood.