The World of Atla

The fantasy world of Atla
The world of Atla where Reven and Fang's adventures take place
Atla - The Visitors guide
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The world of Atla is full of fantastical creatures and beautiful lands. Dense jungles, sparse wildernesses, rolling hills and towering mountains can be found as you travel through this dangerous place.

Many countries and races make up the immersive global community. Our adventures start in Orland which is in the middle and to the left on the Atla map. Orland is mainly populated by humans but as Reven's adventures continue we will meet all manner of people's. The proud and warlike Orcs, the artistic and whimsical Elves, the angel like Avia, the brutal, lizard-like Saur and the mighty Dwarves. Sorcerer's, Dragons, Demons and more are waiting to meet you on your journey.

So welcome adventurer; welcome to Atla and most likely your doom.


Orland is where Reven and Fang start their adventures. A land mainly populated by humans and famed for its history of mining and smithing. On the world map of Atla, Orland is the island that sits just left of the centre. A rich and potentially powerful nation it is ruled from the historical seat of power in Ux, a large city in the centre or Orland. From here Queen Berenz rules her subjects but it is a land in constant turmoil for one thing rules above any king or queen; greed. There are constant skirmishes between the different cities as they dispute the rights to land and where borders should be drawn. The more land you have the right to, the more ore you can mine and the more you can sell, simple economics with often deadly consequences. The Order of the Black Veil are never short of work here as the city states rarely agree on anything and only take action against wrong-doers when their own land or wealth are threatened.

Fantasy country Orland from
Orland, a country of wealth and controversy

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