Tuesday 11 November 2014

Scent: Part 10

Reven rode double on Aisha’s horse as they travelled the road Vardenfell. Fang ran along behind Aisha’s horse as it trotted along. Reynard rode ahead of them slightly. They passed travellers headed in the opposite direction and even some refugees from Rosholt that were making their way to Vardenfell in the hope of finding lodgings and a new life. As they rode Aisha told Reven of the legend of Varden; the hero who the city was named after. She told how Varden was one of the Everguard, a group of near superhuman warriors that vanquished the land of great evil in times past. Varden was a master of beast and sword and like Reven had a hound that accompanied him on his adventures. He met his end whilst fighting valiantly against an army of men under the charge of another one of the Everguard, for it was their destiny that they must face each other in glorious battle. Varden fought bravely but eventually fell to his brother’s blade. The legend goes that his hound was so stricken by his master’s demise that he fell down dead upon seeing his body. The victorious Everguard; known as Cazimir raised the city in honour of his brother and his mighty deeds. The Everguard shared a kinship not known by normal men and as such they saw themselves as brothers and sisters under one banner. When the world was rid of evil and there was no threat for them to face together they fought each other fearing that their power would eventually corrupt them and turn them into the very thing that they were born to slay. This agreement was called The Severing. They would fight until one was left; this one was the Ever King, Sothayn. He was worshipped as a god and still is today even though these events took place thousands of years ago. It is said he guards the bodies of his fallen brethren until a world shattering evil calls them to life, and war once more.

Reven sat agog throughout much of the tale. He had heard of the God Sothayn before but only because there used to be a small temple dedicated to him in Rosholt. He remembered watching soldiers kneel and pay homage outside the building but had never known why. He wanted to know more about the Everguard, he wanted to know why he hadn’t heard these stories before. Aisha also seemed surprised that he didn’t know these tales. They were ancient legends that were told in various forms throughout the world. 

‘Where are we Reven?’ Aisha enquired. ‘In The Freemarch Forest Miss, on our way to Vardenfell.’ Reven answered matter-of-factly. Aisha smiled, ‘No, I mean what is this land called, what country are we in?’, ‘Orland, Miss’ Reven responded. ‘What lies beyond Orland Reven, do you know?’, ‘the sea…and then the Kingdoms…and…’ Reven trailed off, his response faltering as he reached for an answer. ‘You have much to learn child, thankfully you will learn under the tutelage of our master should you be deemed worthy’ Aisha spurred her horse on as she spoke. Reven didn’t understand what she meant by this, worthy of what? What master? Reven had no master. He looked at Fang running beside the horse with his tongue flapping in the wind. ‘What was the dog called?’ he enquired. ‘What dog? Aisha answered. ‘Varden, you said he had a hound like Fang. What was his name?’, ‘ah’, Aisha chuckled, ‘the mighty beast of which you speak was called Umberoth the Aggressor, the father of all hounds’. Reven sat back a little and mouthed the word ‘Umberoth’. Aisha’s horse sped on as the wind whipped through his hair and he dreamed of battles and hounds and heroes of old.

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