Monday 20 July 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Epilogue

The weary remnants of the parties that had entered the dungeon made their way out in the bright midday sunshine. Missner's men and the mercenaries were a pitiful site. They all sported wounds of varying levels of seriousness and a relief force that Missner had left outside the tumble down keep rushed to help the men and tend their wounds. Missner was the only one who had entered the dungeon to have come out unscathed and watched morosely as the men made their way past him. The last of the adventurers made their way out. Borengar was propped up between Lysandra and Reven, his feet barely touching the floor. 

Reven was still covered in dry blood. The white of his teeth and eyes standing out in stark contrast to his crusted crimson skin. He and Lysandra lowered Borengar to the ground and both made their way to where Missner stood. Reven was looked upon with a mixture of awe and fear by the survivors of the dungeon. They had never seen anything like what he had become in the depths and some of them offered up prayers to their gods as he passed. Agrippa and his five remaining mercenaries that included Orwin, bashed their chests in salute. 

Missner was using his magic to heal some of the more severely wounded troops when they approached him. They let him finish his casting before running an appraising eye over his granddaughter. Satisfied she was ok he pulled Reven away from the group, out of earshot. 

'What happened in there?' Missner enquired, a genuine look of curiosity on his face. Reven rubbed the caked blood from his arms and chest. 'To honest Master Missner I don't know. I feel rage burning through me as my enemies bring me close to death. It's painful, I can't explain it.' The old man looked at him thoughtfully. 'You must travel to Blackcliff. There is a man there that may be able to help explain it.' Missner pulled parchment from his gown and muttered an arcane chant over the paper. 'Find Fedoris Brusser in the Temple of the Everguard. Give him this note. He will know what to do.' Reven took the paper which appeared to be blank. He looked at the old man again who just nodded, 'He'll be able to read it. He is a sorcerer of considerable power.' Reven stuffed the note into a pouch at his waist and bid Missner Farewell. 

Reven called 'Fang' and within moments the war hound appeared over a hill bounding towards its master. Men scattered as Fang arrived in the camp. He ran straight for Reven and immediately started licking him just as he did when he was a pup. Reven threw his arms around the hound, utter joy in his heart at seeing his friend again and he couldn't help but smile as little Sable trotted into camp and made a beeline for Borengar. 

The dwarf's injuries were bad and it was decided that he would accompany Missner, Lisandra and the remains of his company to River Rise to convalesce. Agrippa and his remaining men seemed overly keen to accompany Reven and after some discussion he conceded to letting them travel with him. The way they looked at him made him feel uncomfortable. They seemed in awe of him and it was something he wasn't use to.

After washing washing the blood and grime from the dungeon and making some makeshift repairs to his armour Reven set off. Wishing Borengar a speedy recovery and offering the beautiful Lisandra a wink he mounted Fang and trotted of with the mercenaries in a wagon that Missner had said they could use. 

Reven took a scruff of Fangs fur in one hand and rested his other hand on the hilt of Bloodthirster. He set off to an uncertain future glad to leave the horrors of the dungeon crawl behind him.

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