Tuesday 9 October 2018

Trollbane - Part 8

Before sitting down to breakfast, Reven went and checked on Fang. Peter had already fed the warhound and he was noisily crunching through bones that were leftover from the previous evening's meals. Reven crouched next to Fang and despite his low, warning growl scratched the huge beast behind the ear. Fangs back leg spasmed in response to his master's touch, scratching at thin air as Reven found a spot that he would never reach on his own. In truth, it was Reven who needed to feel another's touch. The dream that had woken him in the night had plagued his thoughts since he had dragged himself from his bed. Being with Fang helped ease his discontent and he stayed with his friend for almost an hour to enjoy the warmth of his companionship. 

Breakfast was a simple serving of honey-bread, bacon and pastries. Whilst eating alone, Reven thought about how he would spend his day. They had two nights in River Rise to restock their supplies, rest and enjoy the multitude of distractions that the bustling town offered. He resigned himself to looking for some new armour pieces for Fang in one of the markets. Warhound's were not typical mounts and were hard to buy for. Most equipment had to be made to order and would often take days or even weeks to make. Despite this Reven was confident that the flow of trade through River Rise would enable him to find something suitable for his hulking friend. The town was well-used by travellers from all points of the compass. The only problem he had is that he would have to take Fang with him. The armour would need to fit and if it didn't would need to be altered. He needed the hound with him to make those purchases but  Fang did not like crowds and they also didn't like him. The news they were going out into the throng of people at the market would not be received well by Fang. This simple act would no doubt turn into an adventure all on its own.

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