Friday 15 May 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Part 13

Missner's men made straight for the rock platform to catch Krassner. A couple broke off and headed to Reven with the elderly man in tow. The brunette had already scaled the wall to the rock where she thought she would find Krassner laying but she only found disappointment. She barked orders at the men who arrived in her stead and they fanned out into the shadows to try and pick up the sorcerers trail. She called out updating Master Missner as he neared Reven and his recumbent friend Borengar. He dismissed the woman's words with a wave of his hand and focused on the man before him. 'An impressive feat' he said to Reven as he surveyed the multitude of goblin corpses that littered the floor. 'You possess some skill young man. I am Ceedric Missner, and this young woman is my granddaughter, Lisandra' the brunette bound into view as the old man welcomed her with an open hand. 'Bastard slipped into the shadows grandfather. We'll pick of his scent soon enough. We should have brought the dogs.' 

Reven marvelled at her beauty. Her dark brown her was straight and fell to her bust. She had full lips and a light complexion with dazzling green eyes that blazed with fervour. She wore light leather armour and had a sword in its scabbard at her side. 'What are you staring at thief?' she addressed Reven in a clipped tone that was a little snooty for his liking. 'Thief! Who are you to address me in such a way' he replied as he surged to his feet letting Borengar's head bounce roughly off the floor as he did so. The sound of dwarf skull cracking the floor snapped him out of his anger and he stooped down cradling his friends head forgetting the woman instantly. Lisandra gave a derisive snort that was cut short by Master Missner. 'Go and see if any trace has been found' he said to his granddaughter. She looked as if she was about to say something further but bit back a further slight at the crouching warrior before her. She nodded and spun on her heal, making her way back toward her men. 'Apologies...err...sorry, I didn't catch your name adventurer' said Missner. 'I'm Reven, this is Borengar and there is no need to apologise on her behalf.' Reven huffed as he gently placed the dwarfs head back on the floor and stood to face the old man. 'She was right. I am a thief. I stole the book you seek for that bastard Krassner and then he attempted to end my life as payment. I have a score to settle but I understand that there must be a reckoning between us also. I offer you my apologies for what they are worth.' Missner nodded, 'You are a thief, this is true. You owe me a debt I would say. We would not be hear if it wasn't for your trespass into my home.' he let the words hang in the air using the silence to add weight to them, 'but, if it were not you I'm sure Krassner would have persuaded some other ne'er-do-well to acquire the book. At least you now see him for what he is.' Missner shifted his gaze from Reven to Borengar. 'What ails your friend?' Reven looked down at the dwarf who's breathing seemed to be more shallow with each passing moment. 'He has been stabbed, blown up and thrown against a stone wall....he's also very stubborn and has a filthy mouth on him. Those last two things aren't what's troubling him now though.' Missner smiled and nodded. He could see the tenderness with which Reven stroked his companions hair and could see the bond of brotherhood between them. Golden light glowed around one of his hands and Reven shied away as it grew in intensity. Missner's eyes were closed and his lips moved in silent speech as he gestured towards the unconscious dwarf. The golden light about his hands drifted down and bathed Borengar in light. It seeped into his body and then disappeared. Missner opened his eye's and looked again at Reven. 'Your friend will be awake soon. You owe me twice now it would appear.' with that the old man walked off toward the men searching for Krassner and left Reven in a state of wonder. Master Missner's mastery of magic was amazing. The ease and confidence of casting left Reven in awe of the man's abilities, more so when a groggy Borengar came round with a groan at his feet. 

Borengar was back on his feet and cursing all greenskins in a typically colourful fashion. The old man had requested one debt paid immediately and Reven had been been asked to lead the remainder of Krassner's mercenaries in support of Missner and Lisandra. The mercenaries captain, Agrippa had conceded to Missner's request. He was just relieved to no longer be on the menu for the goblins. The mercenaries rearmed themselves, pilfering crude and rusted weapons from the fallen goblins. Reven had been offered a rejuvenating liquid from Missner and the ache in his limbs from the furious combat had immediately abated as he drained the vials contents. 

Missner's force was ready to depart and it was decided that Reven's party would forge ahead and scout for traces of Krassner's passing and to report on goblin activity. He had seven mercenaries under his command including Agrippa. One of them called Tor was an experienced tracker and he and Borengar would take point. Missner had given one of the men chalk to leave a trail for the following group. Torches lit, Reven's mercenaries moved off in to the dark tunnels hot on the wizards trail.

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