Monday 29 June 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Part 14

The torch light wavered as they approached a cross section in the tunnels. They had tracked Krassner's passing as best they could but his footprints were mingled with that of the goblins that had fled the cave. The party had been pushing on into the darkness for 30 minutes or so and the many footprints had made it slow going. It was here at this cross roads that they got their first real trace of the magician. Tracks in the dust of a passageway showed booted feet that led away from the rest of the scuffed footprints. Reven's group followed the passage as it angled down further into the labyrinth like corridors. The sheer scale of the network of tunnels surprised the party and tracking Krassner was a slow, arduous process.

As they travelled further down they could hear chanting and see a dim blue light glowing at the far end of the corridor they were traversing. The party readied themselves for action at Reven’s silent command and they furtively pushed on toward the glow. As the neared they could see that the glow came from a wide doorway that was at the end of the tunnel. This part of the dungeon was thick with cobwebs and dust and obviously hadn't been visited by man nor beast in a long time. The chanting grew louder and from their nearer vantage point they could see that the glow came from a magical barrier that had been constructed across the door. Through the shimmering surface of this barrier they could see Krassner, arms raised, standing behind a stone alter and chanting at the top of his voice. Whatever it is that that he was looking for he was close to finding it.

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