Tuesday 2 December 2014

Scent: Part 21

The cloying darkness surrounded Reven. He hissed, his shoulder flared with pain as he tried to roll onto his side. For a moment he thought he was alone and then the eyes loomed out of the darkness. The armoured monster came at him and knelt, pushing him down so that his back was once again flat on the floor. Some how that one hand held Reven completely immobile and he froze in place. The figure pulled a small knife from his belt and started chanting over it. He then pulled three small pots from beneath his cloak and placed them on the floor next to Reven. A surge of heat came from the things hand and Reven's  body was racked with new levels of pain. The figure withdrew his hand but Reven remained pinned. He couldn't scream out though, couldn't fight back, he just lay there and endured. The armoured figure took his knife and dipped it into the first pot and then starting carving rune symbols into Reven's flesh. His arms, legs, head, chest and back all had symbols drawn on them as the fiend pulled him around to do his work. He repeated the process using the contents of the second pot and Reven thought he would pass out the pain was so severe. When finished the thing emptied the contents of the third pot over his hands and rubbed it over the freshly incised wounds. Where the slimy substance touched the runes glowed bright red and then faded as if they was never a mark there. The armoured bulk of the creature collected up its instruments and receded into the darkness. As it disappeared Reven was able to move again but he was too weary to try and stand. The voice came out of the pitch black, 'You are our vessel, give life to our wrath, be our bloody handed reaper.'

Reven's eyes snapped open. His body was slick with sweat and his breath came in ragged gasps. It was just before dawn. Reven could tell as the orderlies hadn't yet been in to light the torches and stoke the braziers. After the fight with Hannibal he had found Master Hultz and told him of what had transpired. At first Hultz was sceptical that event's had happened as Reven had explained them but when Master Powel joined them and they were taken to the scene of the attack the pools of blood and the smashed door gave credence to his tale and it was accepted. Some of Hannibal's co-conspirators were called before the Master and told all. The boy who had his leg ripped off by Fang was taken away to an infirmary somewhere in The Deep. Hannibal's cronies all were allowed to return to the dorm with a sentence for their crimes pending a decision by Hultz and Powel.

Reven was surprised his head didn't ache after the battering it had taken the evening before. In fact nothing ached, his pulse still raced from his nightmare but overall he seemed in good health. He lay there flexing his muscles and stretching them out and wondering what the coming days would bring.


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