Tuesday 2 December 2014

Scent: Part 22

Reven didn't have to wait long before excitement came calling. A few days after the altercation with Hannibal Master Powel summoned Reven and Fang to his chambers with instructions to bring their possessions with them. When they arrived ,Master Powel informed them that the Beast Master had arrived but was not coming into the city. Reven and Fang were to travel outside the city walls to meet her and he would train under her tutelage for as long as much time as she could spare. An orderly came in to guide Reven out and as they were leaving Master Powel rose from where he was seated and followed, 'I'll miss you boy' he said. Reven stunned, turned at Powel's words, touched by their sincerity only to find him patting Fang's head. The hound wagged his tail at Powel and followed Reven into the corridor.

The orderly had fashioned a leash for Fang and gifted Reven with a scabbard for his practice sword and a heavy cloak to keep out the chill of the night as well as a backpack with some provisions in it. He also gave him a map and some written instructions on how to get to his rendezvous with the Beast Master.

Reven squinted, his eyes already unaccustomed to the sunlight. Before long he was walking through the bustling city that was a  lot more lively than when he had entered the city. He held Fang's leash loosely in his hand and marvelled at the sights and sounds that surrounded him. Beggars pulled at his cloak asking for money but soon relented after a warning growl from Fang. Street merchants bellowed from behind wooden carts that were stacked with all manner of wares, imploring people to purchase their goods. The wealthy walked with compliments of bodyguards, servants and hangers on as they conducted their business. Reven passed many inn's, the smell of beer and cooked meats wafted from the door ways enticing people off the streets.

He would have liked to linger in the city longer but he was keen to meet his new trainer hurried outside the huge city gates. The Freemarch Forest was before him once more. He removed Fang's leash and strode off down the road with a smile on his face and nervous excitement buzzing in his belly.

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