Monday 8 December 2014

Scent: Part 24

Fang led Reven through the thick brush. The torch Reven had taken from the scrawny hunters had made this night time journey through the forest easier but it was still hard going. They were unable to scramble back up the slop Reven had slipped down so were having to navigate their way around the slope to try and get back on a road so that they can find their bearing's. Fang's head had stopped bleeding and the cuts had already started to scab over. He had truly turned the tables on his captors; he was to be their dinner but as it turned out they were his. Reven had chosen not to watch Fang as he ate but instead tried to study his map which proved difficult by flickering torch light. In the end he had decided he wouldn't get very far staying in one place and he didn't like the prospect of meeting any more hunters on this trail so they moved off in the vain hope of that would be able to trace their way back.

As the night faded away Reven and Fang were starting to have a better time of it. They had got back onto higher ground and the bushes and dense undergrowth had started to lessen making passage through the forest simpler. They rested for breakfast and Reven used the sun and his map to figure out a heading for them. He thought that if they kept heading north they would come to the road that they needed to be on to make their meeting with the Beast Master. He was disappointed that he would miss out on his night in The Red Griffon but he needed to get back on track which meant travelling for as long and for as far as he could.

It was late afternoon by the time they had found the road. Reven was tired but he wanted to keep moving while they had the light. The path wound through the forest and despite the unrest of the previous night Reven felt quite at peace as his senses were assailed by the natural wonder of the forest. The animals darting in and out of tree branches, the bird song, the scent of wildflowers and leaf mulch all made Reven smile. His cheeriness was not going to last long...

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