Thursday 22 January 2015

Dungeon Crawl - Part 4

Reven, Borengar and Fang arrived outside Krassner's house at mid-morning. It hadn't taken long to locate where the man lived as many people recognised their description of his bright orange robes. Most people they spoke to referred to him as the wizard; they would ask the question and the response would be 'Oh, you mean the wizard.' They remained sceptical of Krassner's status as a user of magic, if he was a powerful mage then why would he have needed Reven and Borengar's assistance in acquiring the book? It didn't make sense but they would soon find out exactly what the man was up to. 

Borengar rapped on the door of the house loudly. It was a plain enough looking building even though it was in a well to do area. It sat on a terraced street, the buildings were all made of smooth dark grey stone and stood three stories high. Borengar banged harder on the door this time and still there was no answer. 'Do you think the bugger is trying to avoid us?' he said to Reven over his shoulder. He took a step back and shifted his weight making ready to charge the door. Borengar was stubborn as all dwarves are and wouldn't let a closed door stand between him and Krassner. Just as he started his charge at the door it swung inward and Borengar checked his run, coming to a stop in front of a surprised woman who stood in the doorway. From the way she was dressed Reven assumed she was a maid or housekeeper of some sort. He stepped forward, 'Excuse me Ma'am, is this the Krassner residence?', Reven enquired in his most polite manner. The woman blanched a little at the site of these two ruffians at her door. 'No, he left on business early this morning.' and with that answer she made to close the door. 'Do you know where he went?' Borengar asked putting his foot on the threshold so the door couldn't be closed. 'Why everybody is so interested in where he's going is beyond me.' she said trying to push the door shut. 'Who's everybody?', Reven asked moving closer to the woman. She looked from Borengar to Reven and back again lingering on the dwarf's imposing foot and sighed, 'Fine. My master travels west toward Blackcliff, but I know not exactly where his journey leads. You just missed another lot that were enquiring about Master Krassner's whereabouts. An old man, a young woman and more louts like yourselves', you could hear the anger in her voice becoming more pronounced as she spoke and she ended her speech by kicking Borengar in the shin forcing him to move his leg and slamming the door. 'I think whatever that book contained it must be worth a great deal more than what we were paid for its recovery' said Borengar as he hobbled away from the door. Reven nodded his agreement, 'There was an old man and a woman at the house I took the book from. It may be a coincidence but if Krassner had already tried getting the book off them they must have suspected he was involved in the theft. I feel that somebody will be getting rich very soon as as it stands its not going to be us'. The dwarf smiled, 'I've nothing better to do. We could take a trip. If nothing else there is always mercenary work in Blackcliff, that area is always being raided by orcs and the like'. Reven nodded, 'Good.' he signalled to Fang to approach and climbed on the beast back. 'Get your things together, I'll meet you at the north gate in a few hours. I have to visit the smithy before we leave.' Borengar shouted his assent as Fang bounded off down the street.

Borengar watched as Reven approached on Fang. The war hound had a little more armour thanks to the previous days would-be attackers and Reven looked like he had spent some of his earnings on some new equipment. The crowds near the gate gave Fang a wide berth. As Reven neared he could see that the youth was leading a pony by a long rope and new exactly who it was intended for. Reven climbed off Fang's back and hoped down in front of the dwarf. He had new matt black metal vambraces, shin guards and a sculpted breast plate to match. Reven pulled in the rope and the pony trotted forward obediently. Borengar looked the pony up and down and simply said, 'No'. Reven ignored him, 'Borengar, this is Sable, your new mount' he patted the ponies side and spoke to the pony, 'Sable, this is your grumpy new rider Borengar'. Borengar huffed, 'You can wipe that smile off your face' he said to Reven, 'I'll not be riding that beast anywhere.' 'You will if we want to catch Krassner. You dwarves are hardly known for your speed and Sable here is my solution to that very pressing problem. So mount up' with that Reven tossed the rope to Borengar who flapped at it before finally grasping it and pulling the pony close. 'Just this once then.....foul smelling beast. It's alright for Mr Fancy Pants in his new armour...', he was hush unceremoniously by Reven who proceeded to head out the gate. Borengar climbed awkwardly in Sable's saddle and spurred her on. She trotted dutifully after Reven and Fang, out of the city and on to adventure.

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