Thursday 1 January 2015

Scent: Part 32

On the battlements Sanya watched the raiders horde ready themselves for the next attack. Captain Ingherham and his troops were standing behind the raised drawbridge, ready to repel the invaders when the door shattered. Goren and his men stood on the battlements waiting to loose their arrows in to the mass of flesh that would soon be rushing at them. The rest of Sanya's troops were waiting at the side of the keep with instructions to rope down the side of the walls as soon as the attack began. Kaleth would go with them and their job would be to sow confusion amongst the raiders by flanking them. The war hound would rip them to shreds whilst the Warriors of Iron protected her sides and dealt as much death as they could.

Like all of the warriors of the Black Veil Sanya was able to wield magic to aid her. Those on the Path of Bone were most gifted and their abilities were mighty in comparison to the others in the order but each member trained was taught spells to aid them. For the Warriors of Iron this meant spells of healing and destruction that could be used close up to heal themselves or a comrade or attack a foe. Sanya was more practised in the arts of sorcery and as she stood looking out over the horde she drew upon the energies swirling around the keep. She chose her most destructive spell and would unleash it when Kaleth attacked, she sorely hoped that she would survive the day so that she could be with her companion again. Movement in the ranks of the raiders caught Sanya's attention, the attack would begin soon.

Reven and Fang had made their way to the trees and found no sign of the scouts. He looked back toward the keep and found it strange how much he wanted to be behind its walls with Sanya facing the horde instead of here alone and safe. Fang emitted a low growl as if he shared Reven's thoughts. It was useless thinking anyway, they had a job to do and if they could find the scouts they would help their friends inside the keep. 

They headed south, keeping a safe distance from the raiders they circled round to the rear of the army's position. Here there were the armies support, the baggage train and cooks were making busy, preparing meals and taking supplies of arrows forward into the massive throng of the invaders force. Looking out at the army Reven's sense of foreboding returned. It was too big to be beat by Sanya's tiny force however skilled they were. Reven motioned for Fang to lay and wait whilst he moved forward to get a better look at the camp as an idea started to form.

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