Tuesday 6 January 2015

Scent: Epilogue

The raiders fled north after the battle at Einder's Keep and straight into the militia that had been hunting them from the city of Bergen. They were slaughtered mercilessly and Bergen's Guard-Commander took full credit for their destruction and keeping the lands in western Orland safe. 

Very few of Sanya's troops survived the battle at the keep. Almost a hundred of them defended it prior to the battle and now less than twenty lived and most of those that did were wounded and most likely would not fight again. Captain's Goren and Ingerham, with the few other able bodied troops that had survived made camp in the Freemarch Forest awaiting their mistresses return from Vardenfell, where she had business with The Order. That business was Reven and what his future would hold.

When Reven had ridden into the keep he was an awful sight to behold. His many wounds bled openly and Fang's sides where soaked with Reven's blood. He no longer shouted with the voice of a god but lay slumped forward on his friends back, unconscious and fading. He was treated with the rest of the wounded but many of the men would keep their distance from him after what they had witnessed on the battlefield. Superstition took hold and only Goren and Sanya would spend any time by his side. Reven's recovery from his wounds was remarkably fast. The day after the battle the remnants of the company were making ready to leave and Reven was already up and around and trying to be of use. The criss-cross of cuts that marred his young skin were already healing and the speed of his recovery only widened the gap of trust between him and the troopers of Sanya's company. Goren travelled next to Reven for the long march back to Vardenfell. Fang was the only one who seemed to be unaffected by the events at the keep. He played in the leaves and darted though the trees of the forest just as he always did. His affection for Reven had only seemed to grow and he and Fang spent more time together solidifying their bond.

Sanya, Reven and Fang left the troopers and headed on to Vardenfell and back to The Deep. Reven was presented to Master Ulfram and stood and listened whilst Mistress Sanya recounted the events of the past few weeks. Ulfram was disturbed by Reven's actions at Einder's Keep and released him from Sanya's control until the Master of Bone could be consulted. Reven was put back into his old cell in The Deep and awaited the verdict on what was to be done with him. 

The Master of Bone tried to recreate the circumstances of Reven's unnatural revival by bleeding him almost dry to awaken the power that lay dormant within him without success. A team of Warriors of Bone were sent to the battleground to discern if there were mystical forces bound to the place to but no avail. After much deliberation Reven and Fang were eventually ejected from The Order and sent away to face the world of Atla alone.

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