Saturday 3 January 2015

Scent: Part 33

Reven spied on the stewards, they were women and young boys and they carried food and weapons forward into the mass of raiders. The army was at rest waiting for the last of the flames to subside at the front of the keep. Reven couldn't even see the keep over the sea of bodies that lay between him and his companions. He had decided that he had no interest in running, he wanted to walk the Path of Iron which meant being as strong and as unyielding as the metal. He would fight with Sanya and her troops and take as many of theses invaders with him as he could. He despised these men. They were parasites feeding off of the good people of Orland and spreading death and destruction wherever they went. He could feel anger swelling inside him and smiled to himself as the thought of Fang ripping into them and tearing them limb from limb filled his mind. 

Reven crept forward and positioned himself behind one of the waggon's that carried rolled up tents and poles. They hadn't been unpacked, obviously the raiders didn't think they would be here long enough to need them. The stewards were still running back and forth past him with huge pans filled with stew and hunks of bread tucked under their arms. Reven piked his mark and put his plan into action.

The boy was stumbling along under the weight of the pots he carried. Carrying one in each hand by its handle, he weaved as if drunk struggling with their weight. 'Pssstt', he heard from one of the waggons, 'Here boy, help me with this' an unfamiliar voice said. He placed the pans one the floor and went to investigate, rounding the corner of the waggon. As soon as he had done so Reven's hand was over his mouth and his sword was buried to the hilt in the boys soft flesh. A clean kill as the sword penetrated the boys heart and be stilled it forever. Reven wasted no time in pulling the boy off into the bushes where Fang was waiting. He left the sword in place so the boys blood didn't soil the clothes too much and started stripping him. As soon as the boys shirt, jerkin and breeches were off he rolled the body away, wrenching his sword free and wiping the sticky blood on the grassy floor. He slipped the clothes over his tight fitting armour and removed his cloak, leaving it in the bushes with Fang. He used a shred of the boys shirt to fasten his sword to his leg so it wouldn't stick out and betray him for what he really was; today he was an assassin, his target the head of this rabble of raiders. He left Fang with final orders and made his way back to the pots the boy had left before heading into the army in search of his quarry. 

Mistress Sanya watched as the last of flames from the oil licked across the surface of the moat and then finally dies with a wisp of black smoke. That was what the invaders were waiting for, already they were forming ranks just awaiting their leaders order to destroy Einder Keep and all that dwelled within. She looked toward where Kaleth stood, her war hound looked majestic in her armour, a fearsome queen of the beasts. Kaleth turned to face her and met her gaze and then let out a long howl, signalling the defenders that the long wait for their deaths would soon be over. Sanya smiled, if they were to meet their end here she would make sure that it was an end worthy of poem and song, her Warriors of Iron would would sell the lives dearly today and the cost for them would be paid in raider blood.

Reven made his way through the raiders. They were big men, corded with muscle and covered in swirling tattoo's that covered their arms and faces. The army was being roused and most of the men were on their feet and moving toward the front lines. Reven realised that he didn't know what he was looking for. There were so many of them how would he ever be able to find the chief. He continued pushing his way through the crowds until at last he spied a banner that rose above the raiders heads. He thought that as good a place as any and started heading toward it. He was only twenty paces away when another steward appeared out of the crowd and headed towards him. She grabbed his arm, 'We're to go back, our masters ready for battle' she said in a thick guttural accent. Reven pulled his arm free and continued pushing on through the raiders toward the standard. He felt a hand on his shoulder this time and the girl spun him. Went he rounded to face her he could see a look of surprise on his face. She banged him on the shoulder and cried out in pain as her hand met the unyielding metal of his armoured shoulder guard. Her eyes went wide as she cried out in alarm gaining the attention of the nearby troops. 'Assassin' she cried, 'assassin', Reven swung one of the pots at her which smashed into the side of her head sending her crashing into a group of raiders. Immediately rough hands grabbed for him as a knot of the invading troops closed around him. Reven couldn't draw his sword free quick enough and was soon battered to the floor by the pounding of fists and feet.

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